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5 min readApr 12, 2023


As an aspiring entrepreneur or startup founder, coming up with an idea for a product or business can be the first and most crucial step. But sometimes, it can be challenging to know where to start or how to come up with a viable idea. Fortunately, there are resources available to help you generate ideas, research your market, and get your startup off the ground. With the right tools and resources, you can come up with a winning idea that solves a problem and attracts investors. This article provides all the resources you need for it.

What you’ll find in this article

One approach is to look at venture capital funds’ requests for startup ideas to see what major players in the industry are seeking. Another way to find inspiration is through crowd-sourced directories, tools, and videos that can help you evaluate your ideas and get feedback. Books and newsletters are also great resources for developing your ideas and getting expert advice on product and business ideation.

Why these resources are valuable

The reasoning behind the categories and resources we collected in short. One popular source of inspiration is the growing list of requested startup ideas by major venture capital funds, including YC, a16z, and Homebrew. These lists can give entrepreneurs a better understanding of what investors are looking for and how their ideas can fit in.

Social media platforms like Twitter can also be useful in finding startup ideas, with search results for “request for product” and “request for startups.”

Additionally, crowd-sourced directories, idea-tracking systems, and AI-generated ideas can provide entrepreneurs with helpful tools to evaluate their ideas and track progress.

Talks, books, and newsletters also provide a wealth of information on how to generate and test business ideas. Ultimately, the key to generating a viable business idea is to stay curious, keep learning, and explore new opportunities for growth and innovation.

Requests for Startups by Investors

As a founder, it’s important to stay up to date on the latest trends and demands in the startup world. One way to do this is by paying attention to the requests for startups that are being put out by venture capitalists (VCs). These requests are essentially a list of problems or areas of opportunity that VCs are interested in investing in, and they can provide valuable insight into what investors are looking for. By staying on top of these requests and tailoring your pitch or business idea to meet them, you may increase your chances of securing funding and growing your startup. Additionally, even if your business doesn’t directly fit into one of these requests, they can still serve as inspiration for new ideas or ways to pivot your existing business.

Ready Ideas, Request for Products, Databases, Twitter Lists and other Inspiration

Pre-conceived business ideas that are available for anyone to pursue, request for products where companies (e.g. VC’s) or individuals publicly ask for specific products or services they need. Databases and Twitter lists can also be a great source of inspiration, providing access to information on trends, market analysis, and potential customers.


There are many different types of tools available, such as market research tools, idea generation tools, and customer discovery tools. Market research tools can help founders understand their target market and identify gaps or opportunities in the market. Idea generation tools can provide prompts or frameworks for brainstorming new ideas, while customer discovery tools can help founders validate their ideas and gather feedback from potential customers. Additionally, there are tools available for creating prototypes, building websites, and managing finances (subscribe for an upcoming article on this topic).

Talks, Books & Newsletters

Talks by successful entrepreneurs or industry experts can offer insights into what it takes to succeed in a particular industry or market. Books, both fiction and non-fiction, can offer a deeper understanding of customer behavior, market trends, and business strategy. Additionally, newsletters can provide regular updates and insights on industry news, emerging technologies, and innovative business models.

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