Activity Booking App for Kids’ After-School Schedule

Provide access to a wide range of activities for kids and allow students to earn a side income

2 min readApr 4, 2023

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Core Features

  1. Activity Listings: A platform that lists a variety of after-school activities, including sports, arts, coding, language, and more, that kids can participate in.
  2. Instructor Management: The app allows students to sign up as instructors, create listings for the activities they can teach, and earn a side income while helping other kids learn new skills.
  3. Schedule Management: Tools for parents to manage their kids’ after-school schedules, book activities, and pay for them through the app.

Value Created

  1. Enriching Activities: The app provides access to a wide range of after-school activities, allowing kids to explore their interests and learn new skills.
  2. Income Opportunities: The instructor management feature allows students to earn a side income while sharing their skills and knowledge with others.
  3. Convenience and Efficiency: The app streamlines after-school scheduling and payment, making it easier and more convenient for parents to manage their kids’ schedules and offer them enriching experiences.

Context & Times

  • With many kids attending school virtually or with reduced schedules due to the pandemic, there is a greater need for after-school activities to keep them engaged and active. Additionally, with many families facing financial uncertainty, the income opportunities provided by the app can be especially valuable.

Wrap & Why

  • This activity booking app for kids’ after-school schedule makes the world a better place by providing enriching after-school activities for kids, offering income opportunities for students, and streamlining after-school scheduling and payment for parents. By providing access to a variety of activities, the app allows kids to explore their interests and learn new skills. Especially in today’s context of virtual or reduced school schedules and financial uncertainty, the app provides a valuable tool for keeping kids engaged and active, while also providing opportunities for personal and financial growth.
Own draft for demonstrating potential kids schedule/calendar for this idea.
Own wireframe to visualize course discovery & filtering for app solution.




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